Protecting Hobart's unique qualities
Supporting sensitive development
Improving services for residents
Reinstating free kerbside clean-ups
Promoting free suburban bus links
Guarding against insensitive high rise
Identifying land for low cost housing
Upholding transparency & accountability

Educated at Campbell Street Primary School and the Friends' School, Hobart, Philip Stansfield has lived and worked in Hobart for most of his life.

A graduate of the University of Tasmania in Law and Public Administration, Philip chose to pursue a professional career with a strong focus on providing assistance and advice to members of the public, business and community groups.

Philip's extensive public service career has included working for the Tasmanian Government as a housing officer, lawyer and policy adviser.  Philip has also worked as an electorate officer and his skills and experience led directly to an appointment as a ministerial adviser.

In more recent times, Philip has moved to the not for profit sector and now provides services and advice as a disability support worker.

These roles have provided Philip with the opportunity to assist Hobart residents with issues and concerns.  Philip has over 30 years of experience in the provision of advice and support to the residents of Hobart.

Philip has also been an active member of the local community and has supported community organisations, including serving on the Committee of the Lenah Valley Community Association.

Philip is acknowledged as someone who will work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for people and organisations that require support and seeks to use his experience and skills for the benefit of Hobart residents as an Alderman.

Contact Philip on 0418 315550 or email:

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