Protecting Hobart's unique qualities
Supporting sensitive development
Improving services for residents
Reinstating free kerbside clean-ups
Promoting free suburban bus links
Guarding against insensitive high rise
Identifying land for low cost housing
Upholding transparency & accountability

People who live in Hobart have a strong emotional connection to their local community, the historical nature of the City environment, their mountain and river.  It is evident that people are taking more of on an interest in what kind of City they live in and are increasingly seeing Council as playing a central role in addressing many issues.

For too long the same Aldermen have been elected to Council again and again.

We need change.  It’s time to end the tough trough of indulgence.  No more junket travel for Aldermen on so called fact finding missions.  For too long, there has been a lack of transparency about the perks Aldermen get from overseas trips and clear benefits the people of Hobart get back in return.  This has to end.  We need fresh eyes on the Hobart City Council.

Over the last 4 years, Hobart has been dealing with many of the old issues without much progress. We are still discussing the cable car and the Battery Point Walkway.

Height limits on new developments still need to be resolved.  While these are important issues and need to be carefully considered, debate on issues like the cable car suck oxygen out of the air when other issues need to be resolved.

Hobart is now facing new and emerging issues.

I am keen to address issues such as traffic congestion, the importance of maintaining the historical character of Hobart and the need to ensure there is enough accommodation for tourists, helping Council contribute to the supply of housing and rental stock and keeping rates affordable to ratepayers.

Detailed below are some ideas and policies about issues challenging the people of Hobart. 

Policies & Ideas.

Traffic and Transport

It only takes one or two minor accidents, or minor changes in access for the whole traffic and transport system to grind to a halt.

Hobart’s three main access points, from the North, South or East are connected so a problem on one of the routes can quickly affect the other two.

Over time there has been a number of suggested solutions including making it harder for car owners to park in the CBD, making public transport more frequent and free (or much cheaper), restoring the northern suburbs rail service, building tunnels or a south to north highway that avoids going through the CBD, encouraging more push bike use, restoring ferry public transport, and so on.

What is also clear is the preference of most residents to use their own vehicles, and in a normal week that requires going to various locations around the CBD and suburbs.

To replace the car will at a minimum require people being able to move seamlessly between transport options, with a similar level of ease.

This issue requires all levels of Government working together, all ideas should be looked at as part of the whole solution, and importantly emerging transport technologies should be accessed. 

Ideas to look at include:-

Park and ride points around the outer suburbs with free public and more frequent transport within the CBD and inner city suburbs.

Park and ride points should allow access to multiple transport options, such as buses (larger and smaller), ferries on the Derwent River, trains (on rail or off rail), bike tracks.

Free and more frequent public transport within the inner suburbs and greater Hobart area.

Improved traffic light coordination.

We should focus on major improvements at the bottle neck points.

Work with IT transport developers to make best use of emerging technologies and to avoid going down costly dead ends that could quickly be superseded.

We need to investigate solutions that provide answers that are more desired by residents not less – making people pay more for parking to get them to use public transport is the wrong way around.  We need to make public transport attractive to users.

If the public transport was attractive to resident’s needs, people would be more likely to use Metro buses.  Cost and convenience are two important factors. 

I will encourage Government to consider making free and frequent bus transport available in the inner suburbs and the greater Hobart area.

While this move may not solve the congestion problem, it will make a contribution.  

Any revenue lost on bus fares will be made up by less road maintenance being required on infrastructure.

Abolish Residential Parking Permits.

Residents should be allowed to park outside their house without paying extra fees.  We pay enough on our rates.

Housing Solutions

Without a secure home people cannot easily get a job and provide an environment for their children to prosper. 

The health of people can also be adversely effected.

Local Government does have a role to play in improving the current housing crisis and increasing housing supply.

I will support the following ideas and policies to improve housing supply in Hobart. 

I will assure the Best for Hobart by:-

  • Identifying land in Hobart that can be developed into high density and affordable housing.
  • Working with land owners and builders to encourage the development of high density inner city housing.
  • Working closely with local Housing experts,Government and the not for profit sector to convert their ideas into workable outcomes.
  • Lobbing the Federal Government and political Party's to waive the State Government Housing debt so more money can be directed into the supply of affordable housing.
  • Encourage the State Government to provide a land tax rebate of 25% to landlords that have provided long term rental accommodation to tenants for more than 5 years.  Private supply of housing assists Government.
  • Encourage local superannuation bodies such a Tasplan to make a commercial investment in the supply of housing for the benefit of their members of local community.

Recognising the right of people to offer their property on the AirB&B market, but noting that increased future regulation is required.

No to Hobart High Rises.

The historical nature of Hobart buildings is one of our Cities major strengths.  

Height limits need to be established to preserve the unique character if Hobart.

We need to protect and enhance our historical environment.

We can encourage hotel developers to recognise the historical nature of Hobart's built environment and provide developments that complement our historical environment.

Transparency in the management of Mount Wellington - kunanyi.

I am against the proposal as stated by the MWCC.

I am not convinced that the present proposal is the best way for people to access the Mountain.  The MWCC have not provided enough information to the public or engaged meaningfully with the community.

A cable car over the Organ Pipes would also spoil the beauty of the Mountain.

Car congestion issues would also be an issue for locals.

I am also concerned about the construction of a function centre on top of the Mountain.

There should have been a discussion about how the Mountain is to be enjoyed by the public rather than about a cable car.  The cart has been put before the horse.

We should consider other options to assist people enjoy the view from the top of the Mountain.  For example an all weather snow bus or 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Half a million people visit the Mountain each year.  More resources need to be input maintaining and improving the road and supporting infrastructure.

There are many more issues that need attention in Hobart. We need to move on from this divisive debate and focus on issues that need our energy and attention.

Reinstate Yearly hard waste clean ups.

Many residents of Hobart have made it clear that they miss the yearly clean ups of hard waste.   A lot of residents don't have access to trailer's and are not able to arrange for the removal of large items of hard waste.  In particular, senior citizens are disadvantaged by present arrangements. 

Council does provide free days so residents can dispose their waste at the South Hobart Tip, but people often forget when these dates are or everyone turns up at the time with inevitable long queues.  

I will advocate for Council to reinstate yearly kerbside pickups of hard waste.  This will help people who are unable to easily access the Tip.  

I will also advocate for ratepayers to receive 4 free yearly vouchers in their yearly rates to use at the South Hobart Tip.  People can then choose the day and time when they want to head to the Tip.

Capping rates at CPI.  

I will advocate for any future rate increases to be capped in step with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In some past years, increases in Council rates have exceeded the CPI.  

Many residents are doing it hard.  Wage growth in recent years has been very low but the cost of living continues to increase.  

We need to ensure that Council manages it's budget wisely and future rate rises are minimised. 


It is not appropriate for Council to provide funds or loans to businesses like Myer.  The Council is not a Bank and needs to remain focused on it core services to the community.

Hobart - Dual naming.

In early June the Lord Mayor of Hobart acted unilaterally and prematurely, when he stated that he would start using "nipaluna" in formal speeches and welcomes, when representing the City of Hobart.  It was too much, too soon and too fast.

All the Lord Mayor had to do was say thank you to the TAC and undertake to pass the suggestion onto Aldermen Council for formal consideration.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre does not speak for all those that identify as Aboriginal.  Further consultation with other Tasmanian Aboriginal communities is required and the non Aboriginal population.

Any consideration of dual names for Hobart needs to be considered carefully, otherwise a thoughtless and premature embracement of a new name will result in community division.

In the end, it is up to the people of the capital city to use whatever name they prefer for their city.

I prefer Hobart, as that is what I grew up with, but I have no objection to consideration of a dual name if that is what the community wants.

Name changes take time and acceptance does not happen over night. 

Move slowly and cautiously and bring the people with you.

Tourism and festivals.

Events such as the Taste of Tasmania should be provided on a cost recovery basis.
DARK MOFO is a good return on the investment.   It brings people, especially tourists into the city during the winter period.

A much better investment than many other events.  

I think the Taste of Tasmanian should be self funded.  

I would say the Darko Mofo festival is positive overall.  You don't have go along if you don't like their events.  It should continue to receive a small amount of financial support as the return to the economy is evident.

Tourism can be managed in Hobart by better planning and management.  It's not rocket science.

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