Protecting Hobart's unique qualities
Supporting sensitive development
Improving services for residents
Reinstating free kerbside clean-ups
Promoting free suburban bus links
Guarding against insensitive high rise
Identifying land for low cost housing
Upholding transparency & accountability

People who live in Hobart have a strong emotional connection to their local community, the historical nature of the City environment, their mountain and river.  It is evident that people are taking more of on an interest in what kind of City they live in and are increasingly seeing Council as playing a central role in addressing many issues.

For too long the same Aldermen have been elected to Council again and again.

We need change.  It’s time to end the tough trough of indulgence.  No more junket travel for Aldermen on so called fact finding missions.  For too long, there has been a lack of transparency about the perks Aldermen get from overseas trips and clear benefits the people of Hobart get back in return.  This has to end.  We need fresh eyes on the Hobart City Council.

Over the last 4 years, Hobart has been dealing with many of the old issues without much progress. We are still discussing the cable car and the Battery Point Walkway.

Height limits on new developments still need to be resolved.  While these are important issues and need to be carefully considered, debate on issues like the cable car suck oxygen out of the air when other issues need to be resolved.

Hobart is now facing new and emerging issues.

I am keen to address issues such as traffic congestion, the importance of maintaining the historical character of Hobart and the need to ensure there is enough accommodation for tourists, helping Council contribute to the supply of housing and rental stock and keeping rates affordable to ratepayers.

Detailed below are some ideas and policies about issues challenging the people of Hobart. 

Policies & Ideas.

Traffic & Transport.  Traffic congestion is a complex issue.

There is no one silver bullet that we can use to resolve traffic and transport issues.

We need to work collaboratively with all levels of Government to find solutions.

I want to promote one idea in particular that may ease traffic congestion.

Promoting free and more frequent bus services to ease traffic congestion is one solution.

People will only choose public transport if it is frequent, convenient and financially attractive.  

Making public transport free is one major way to get cars off the road and make it attractive for people to use.  Government can save on infrastructure and maintenance costs by providing free bus transport.

Abolish Residential Parking Permits.

Residents should be allowed to park outside their house without paying extra fees.  We pay enough on our rates.

Housing Crisis.

Council can help with the supply of housing and rental stock by identifying land that can be used for inner city housing.   

Council can work with builders to remove impediments or barriers to the supply of new housing stock.

Financial incentives could also be considered if necessary.

We need to work with Government, developers and the not profit sector to find  solutions.

No to Hobart High Rises.

The historical nature of Hobart buildings is one of our Cities major strengths.  

Height limits need to be established to preserve the unique character if Hobart.

We need to protect and enhance our historical environment.

We can encourage hotel developers to recognise the historical nature of Hobart's built environment and provide developments that complement our historical environment.

Transparency in the management of Mount Wellington - kunanyi.

Any proposals for a cable car need to be considered on their merits.

The impact of a cable car, its base location and effect on traffic congestion on Hobart needs to be taken into account.

At present there is not enough information available to the community to make an informed decision.  

We need to remain open to proposals, but proponents of a cable car need to be open with the community.

There has been too much secrecy to date.  We need an open and transparent process.

The community needs to get a commercial return on their environmental assets.  

Our assets can't be given away for nothing.

Half a million people visit the Mountain each year.   More resources need to be put into maintaining the road and supporting infrastructure needs to be improved in the form more  toilets and a better visitor Centre.

Lets have an open and transparent process and get this matter resolved.  

Cap rate rises at CPI.

People are hurting in a financial sense and Council needs to focus on providing roads, rates and rubbish at the lowest cost to the community.


It is not appropriate for Council to provide funds or loans to businesses like Myer.  The Council is not a Bank and needs to remain focused on it core services to the community.

Hobart - Dual naming.

In early June the Lord Mayor of Hobart acted unilaterally and prematurely, when he stated that he would start using "nipaluna" in formal speeches and welcomes, when representing the City of Hobart.  It was too much, too soon and too fast.

All the Lord Mayor had to do was say thank you to the TAC and undertake to pass the suggestion onto Aldermen Council for formal consideration.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre does not speak for all those that identify as Aboriginal.  Further consultation with other Tasmanian Aboriginal communities is required and the non Aboriginal population.

Any consideration of dual names for Hobart needs to be considered carefully, otherwise a thoughtless and premature embracement of a new name will result in community division.

In the end, it is up to the people of the capital city to use whatever name they prefer for their city.

I prefer Hobart, as that is what I grew up with, but I have no objection to consideration of a dual name if that is what the community wants.

Name changes take time and acceptance does not happen over night. 

Move slowly and cautiously and bring the people with you.

Tourism and festivals.

Events such as the Taste of Tasmania should be provided on a cost recovery basis.
DARK MOFO is a good return on the investment.   It brings people, especially tourists into the city during the winter period.

A much better investment than many other events.  

I think the Taste of Tasmanian should be self funded.  

I would say the Darko Mofo festival is positive overall.  You don't have go along if you don't like their events.  It should continue to receive a small amount of financial support as the return to the economy is evident.

Tourism can be managed in Hobart by better planning and management.  It's not rocket science.

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